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Glossary of Terms

HousingNOLA 10 Year Strategy and Implementation Plan
Released Thursday, December 2015

Why Louisiana Fought Low-Income Housing in New Orleans After Katrina
CityLab, August 2015


LA State of Homelessness Dashboards
National Alliance to End Homelessness, May 2023

Improving America's Housing
Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, March 2023

How Much Can Downpayment Assistance Close Homeownership Gaps For Black And Hispanic Households?
Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, March 2023

The Gap: A Shortage of Affordable Rental Homes
National Low Income Housing Coalition, March 2023


Interactive Needs Dashboard
Via Link & HousingNOLA, Pages 2-6 updated daily, Page 7 uses American Community 2019 5-Year Estimates

Renter's Rights in Louisiana Presentation
Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, December 2022

But Next Time: Storm Survivors Demand Overhaul of Disaster Recovery System
Texas Appleseed, October 2022

Out of Reach Report
NLIHC, July 2022

The State of the Nation's Housing 2022
Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, June 2022

GAP Report
NLIHC, April 2022

Louisiana Climate Action Plan
Executive Summary
Louisiana Climate Initiatives Task Force, February 2022

America's Rental Housing 2022
Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, January 2022


Golden Pearl Neighborhood Typology Map
Uses 2019 5-Year Estimates to analyze racial equity by neighborhood.

Improving America's Housing 2021

Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, March 2021

Delayed Until Downsized or Denied: Neighborhood Associations Lead the
Charge Against Affordable Housing and Perpetuate Segregation in New Orleans

Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center, October 2021

NLIHC 2021 Out of Reach Report Louisiana
NLIHC, July 2021

Number of Unhoused Students in New Orleans by Type
McKinney-Vento, Louisiana, April 2021

Impacts of Utility Disconnection and Eviction Moratorium on COVID Infections and Mortality
National Bureau of Economic Research, January 2021


Unequal Burden, Unequal Risk: Households Headed by Black Women Experience Highest Rates of Eviction
June 2020

THE GAP: A Shortage of Affordable Housing
March 2020


People's Budget -  City of New Orleans 2019 Mid-Year Report

Capital One Credit Card Fraud Incident Fact Sheet & FAQ
August 2019

Louisiana Housing Corporation 2018 Annual Report
August 2019

HR&A New Orleans STR Affordable Housing Study 
July 2019

NOHD Homelessness Online Resource Guide
July 2019

INTERISE's Bridging the Wealth Gap Report
June 2019

NLIHC's 2019 Louisiana Out of Reach Report
June 2019

Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2018
May 2019

Tulane Small Center Housing Design Book
April 2019

LHC New Orleans Needs Assessment
March 2019

JPNSI's New Orleans Evictions Geography Report
March 2019

HR&A New Orleans Inclusionary Housing Study
February 2019

New Orleans' Prosperity NOW Scorecard
January 2019


The Devaluation of Assets in Black Neighborhoods
November 2018

CPC Smart Housing Mix Report
November 2018

New Orleans Main Street Resilience Plan

2018 HousingNOLA Semi-Annual Report

AIA Community Planning Workshop Summary
August 2018

New Orleans Market Value Analysis
June 2018

NLIHC: 2018 Out of Reach Report Louisisana

Media Releases

Study Points to Skyrocketing Rents and Stagnant Wages in New Orleans Affordable Housing Crisis, May 2018

Policy Link When Renters Rise, Cities Thrive Fact Sheets: 
New Orleans
State of Louisiana 

Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance Rental Market Study

UNITY Point In Time Count

The New Orleans Prosperity Index: Tricentennial Edition 

2018 Master Plan

Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative's Report: Short Term Rentals, Long-Term Impacts: The Corosion of Housing Access and Affordability in New Orleans

New Orleans Commercial Corridor Revitalization Strategy


Annual Report Cards
2017 Annual Report Card

Transit Oriented Development
Transit Oriented Development Report

Media Releases
New Orleans Housing Poll Results

Leadership Board Meetings
January 30th 2017 - 2017 HousingNOLA 2017 Action Plan

Lender's Roundtable MVA Presentation
October 5, 2017

Livable Clairborne Communities: Final Report - Charting the future of the Claiborne Communities

Louisiana Housing Corporation Proposed 2017 State of Louisiana Consolidated Annual Action Plan

Urban Land Institute Powerpoint

Urban Land Institute Live Presentation

New Orleans Citywide Commercial Corridor Revitalization Strategy

New Orleans Office of Community Development 2017 - 2021 Consolidated Plan & 2017 Action Plan

2017 Coastal Master Plan

LASAFE: Louisiana's Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments


Annual Report Cards
2016 Annual Report Card

Semi Annual Data Report

Smart Housing Mix Report
Smart Housing Mix Study

Implementation Plan Activities
Assessment of Fair Housing Plan, Submitted October 4, 2016
Housing for a Resilient New Orleans

Transit Oriented Development
Transit Oriented Development Summary

Office of Community Development 2016 Assessment of Fair Housing 

UNITY Bold Plan of Action

Proposed Master Plan Amendments
Volume 2 Chapter 5
Volume 2 Chapter 6

Media Releases
Smart Housing Mix Ordinance Study, regarding M-16-489
New HousingNOLA Executive Director
2016 Wisner Grantees Video

HousingNOLA: What Inclusionary Housing Might Look Like in New Orleans

Leadership Board Meetings
November 16th 2016 - Regional Housing Listening Tour - Fact Sheet
September 29th 2016 - 2016 Annual Report Card
July 21st 2016 - Master Plan Amendments - AttendanceMaster Plan Ammendments PresentationLetter to Cosign
May 19th 2016 - Inclusionary Housing Study - AttendanceInclusionary Housing Presentation 
March 29th 2016 - Market Value Analysis January 25th 2016 - Overview of HousingNOLA Implementation Plan, MVA PresentationNotes & Attendance

The Trumpet: Read about housing issues in New Orleans and the non-profit organizations who are making a difference.
August/September 2016 Edition

Upside-Down GIS: The Future of Citizen Science and Community Participation, Michelle M. Thompson

Neighborhood Typologies: HousingNOLA's framework for assessing challenges and recommending policies by neighborhood.

The Trumpet: Read about housing issues in New Orleans and the non-profit organizations who are making a difference.
April 2015 Special Edition

Overview of previous Housing Policy and Programs in New Orleans: Community Survey Results
2015 Housing Summit Survey

Resilient New Orleans: Strategic actions to shape our future city 

Overview of previous Housing Policy and Programs in New Orleans: Community Survey Results
2014 Neighborhood Summit Survey

A Compendium of Urban Water Management Developments in Southeast Louisiana
Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan

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